Stress and countless hours lost in traffic weigh on the work-life balance and increase health problems (e.g. airborne infections, asthma and even cancer). Many of your employees suffer from direct or indirect problems related to the way they commute between home and work and are actively looking for a healthier lifestyle with more flexibility.

Smart Move helps your company to maintain the health and work-life balance of your employees.


Traffic is a bigger source of pollution than industrial activities. While industry is getting cleaner and greener, traffic is only increasing. Commuter traffic is one of the most problematic traffic flows in our country: more than 70% of the employees goes to work by car. However, half of the employees live at maximum 10km from work (source: Onderzoek Verplaatsingsgedrag Vlaanderen 2013). Many companies already take their social responsibility seriously and try to reduce CO2 emissions.

Smart Move takes your company one step further on the sustainable way.


Belgian economy loses 7 billion euro every year, just because of the gigantic congestion on our roads (source: report Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD 2013). On top of that, companies see a yearly 10% rise in fuel costs and parking spaces become more scarce and thus expensive.

Make a Smart Move and stop this negative and costly trend in your company. 

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